IP Login is basically the private IP address of all the IPv4 network services. It is also known as host addresses in computing language and is the default configuration IP address of the wireless routers or ADSL modems that are used for home-based internet connectivity. To access the features and management page of the router or the modem you are required to enter on the URL bar of the browser to visit the admin page and enter the credentials to get access to its management page. However, many times people face issues in IP Login and hence they need to troubleshoot to find the exact issue and resolve it immediately to access the management page of the router or modem.

How to Login to IP? IP Login

There are few simple steps which you need to follow in order login to However, the login process should be done carefully as a minor mistake can prevent you from accessing the management page of your router or modem. Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to log in to successfully.

Connect the modem or router to the PC or Laptop using LAN cable or connect the PC with the modem via wireless connection.

Now open a browser on your PC and manually type of the IP address in the browser’s URL bar i.e. and hit enter button

Now the login page will upload and open. In the login page you will find the boxes of Admin ID and Password. So, you need to enter the credentials correctly so as to login successfully to the management page of the router.

Most of the router or modems come with default Admin ID and password which you will find at the back of the modem on its label. If the label is missing, then you can find the default ID and Password online by searching it with the model and brand of the router you are using.

What If You Can’t Login to

If you are unable to login to, then you need to check if you are entering the right IP address on the address bar and also ensure that the Admin ID and Password you have entered is correct. If still you are facing the issue, then you need to follow the below steps.

  • Reset the router by using a pin. There is a reset button at the back of the router which you need to press and hold for 15 seconds to reset the modem
  • Now connect it to the PC and launch the browser
  • Now again enter the IP address manually in the address bar
  • Enter the Default Credentials and Try to Login to

If you still face the problem and unable to login to and then ensure to consult with the network administrator or technical experts to resolve the login issue with your router. The technical experts will check and rectify the issue and allow you to login to again.

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